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From the outset of her career as an artist and musician, Ali has rebelled against convention, juxtaposing editorial, personal narrative and vanguardism. For her, “Tune In [Prelude]” is the blowing of the conch shell on her new pop-art project Alivenique, where she plays with a more sophisticated, developed self- aware artistry, laying the foundation for femininity going forward, telling a global story, and bringing punk into pop-art. Themes on the record include womanhood and the female spirit, the lexus and the olive tree, power, the new integration of the avant-garde with pop art, millennialism, primitivism, ceremony, champion, globalism, and love. However, she intends to define the space for extroverts and party-ers, working with dance beats, percussion collages, and her contribution to a new neon global sound.

Year of the Statement is a tropical, cinematic, beat driven art-punk modern pop record that delves into her unique take on artistic vanguardism, hyper mixing organic percussion, catchy melodies, and cinematic sonic mise-en-scene into a vast sensual assault, and digging into rebel and sensual female narratives alongside clever meme-able moments. That said, underneath it all,Year of the Statementis a sincere pluralist invitation aimed at celebration and rebellion.

“Alivenique is the new future femme art pop project from Ali Beletic couldn’t reveal itself at a better time. Her new single “Tune In [Prelude]” offers a catchy pop sound that’s also calming and contains a sound that falls perfectly on the ears.

The beat infused opening has a real future sound. With the vocals mixed in between the cluster of tones, the track has an immediacy to it with an overall fire sound. There’s an arty sound here where dark synths roll in underneath echoed vocals in a way that not only intrigues, but also grooves. The structuring of the song is filled with melodic hooks that echo back to eighties synthesizers while keeping your head bopping and getting your feet moving.” - ClosedCap