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“Now that I’ve got your attention. Now that I’ve got your attention. Know that I’ve got your attention.”

Neon on Plexi,
Limited Edition of 3
15 x 60 inches

Conceptual cues from journalism, vanguardism, mythology, and primitivism are layered within this body of work. Each sculpture expands on themes from Beletic’s “Neon Primitivism” series, in which she juxtaposed symbolism from ancient cultures with features of modern art and music. The new neon pieces serve as punk, pop art gestures, lighting up rooms and demanding attention. Beletic fittingly titled the series “Neon Works (for the Vanguards to take home with them),” hoping the sculptures will define space for extroverts and partiers.

The sculptures in this series are made of authentic neon, wired, and can be plugged into regular outlets. Each work includes pre-drilled holes in the plexi as well as hardware for wall mounting.

Attenzione: Authentic neon, 2 X CPI 12kv transformer power supply, pre-drilled holes with hardware for wall mount.


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