An Interview with Crush Club


[LTG] - We heard that you have discovered the perfect bpm. We're not asking you to disclose the number if it’s proprietary - but we’d love to know the story behind how you found it and came to the concept, and also what are the qualities that you were looking for?

[CC] - Ah yes - The exact number of the bpm is of course locked in a crypto vault, which opens only when BOTH of our thumb prints are scanned at the same moment in the studio. What we legally CAN say, is that something about house tempo music is undeniable worldwide, and might have some emotional correlation to the tempo of a heartbeat.

You guys really seem to know how to bring the party. You recently moved from NY to CA - can you tell us a little bit about the differences between parties in NY and in CA? 

We love partying. Partying is so much bigger than just "good times". It's a real barrier breaker in terms of connecting people from all backgrounds. You don't have to speak the same language to connect with a room full of people dancing.
LA vs NYC - So hard to compare the 2. They seem completely the opposite at the moment. NYC = late nights, peak time 1 or 2am, tons of booze, pizza, rats, stumbling into random amazing things, super fun hell, wake up feeling bad but doesn't matter. LA = start early, peak time like 10pm, in bed by midnight, less or no drinks cause you're driving home, gas station tacos the best, mostly planned things, wake up feeling great at the beach.

What's better? We love both.

Any good surf stories?

We're new to surfing, but it's amazing. Such a cool way to connect with the power of the planet and meet friends. (Le Chev) I already snapped my first "foamy" in half going out on a big day that I had no business paddling out for.


A lot of our readers are gearheads - can you talk about your studio that you’ve built throughout the years and any fun changes to your studio over the years. Any particular idiosyncratic studio practices or anything super specific to how you guys approach making music in the studio?

(Le Chev) I love gear!!! I also HATE gear. All my favorite gear has like 2 buttons. ON, and OFF haha. I love things that do a specific job really well. Great recordings, to me, all have a few happy accidents. It's tough to get those with a software only setup, so I always get a little hardware involved. I started as a musician, and so for me, a lot of the joy comes from physically playing things and twisting some knobs. I'm WAY into ARP synths, so I use the Odyssey or 2600 on everything. Secret Weapons = Syncussion and Roland sh3a

Do you have any philosophies or techniques when approaching a remix?Gotta be able to play it out. There's not much better than DJ'ing something you made and having it work. So we usually comb through what we're into at the moment and try to make something that would fit a perfect moment in our sets. Hopefully it will work for a wedding AND late night club sets.
What’s on the horizon for Crush Club?

So much! We've just come off our biggest releases ever through Nervous, and Defected, so the future is looking very bright.

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