• Cachaça Earrings
  • Cachaça Earrings

Cachaça Earrings

“we’re here for the eve of the party, but I think that I can see the way.”

24 Karat Gold Plated,
Handmade in the AV Studio

Featured on Flood and Closed Cap, Alivenique is the new pop art music project focusing on creating a cinematic and new future feminine meta-pop using hyper-moder neon songwriting infused with percussion and world beats sending a global dance beat aimed at celebration and rebellion.

Accompanying merch, videos, and experiences handmade in the AV Studio / AV merch items are offered for collectors and fans to take part in conceptual cues from journalism, vanguardism, mythology, and primitivism and serve as punk, pop art gestures, lighting up rooms and adornment demanding attention. 


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